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Returns Policy


Mosaiclamps.shop gives you the right to return the products you have purchased within fourteen (14) working days from the date of receipt.

The only charge you will incur is shipping costs (approximately €15 irrespective of their value).

If the purchase has been made with your credit card we do not charge it at all if you send us the shipping costs (total about 15 euros) together with the product you will return.

In the event that the purchase and payment of the product is made by cash on delivery or bank deposit, we refund your money (other than the above shipping charges) to your bank account upon consultation with you within ten working days of the date of the product violation from US.

Products may be returned to us if:

Return shall be made within 14 calendar days of the date of receipt.

- It is unused.

- Their original packaging is not corrupted.

- It has not changed its original condition (lid opening, bracelet milling etc.)

- There is and can be sent to us the Proof or Purchase Invoice.

- No alteration has occurred on any part of the packaging, clock or contents it contains.